Software Update over USB Tutorial


This document contains instructions on how to update a Pocket NC machine’s software using a USB flash drive. Please note that this process will only work on machines that already have version 4.6.0 or higher installed. If you wish to update from another version, please see these instructions.

If you have any questions about how to use this tutorial, please contact us here.

Release Notes for Software Versions

Please see the table on this page for all of the software versions, their release notes and their downloadable file (if available).

Tools Needed

  • USB flash drive

Section 1: Software Update 

You can check the version of the software that you are running by opening the user interface and going to the Conf > Version tab. Scroll down in the version window until you find the one that is highlighted.

If you are running an earlier version of the software and want to update, start by going to config > status and then clearing g-code files and logs. Then plug a USB flash drive containing the software version file you want to update to into the USB port on the front of the machine. Software version files can be downloaded by clicking on the link listed in the notes section of the mentioned above. Make sure that the new software version is saved to the top most level of the USB flash drive and not in a folder. Remember, as mentioned above, this process will not work unless the machine is already running V4.6.0 or higher.

When a USB flash drive is plugged in and there is a compatible file saved to it, the Conf. > Version tab will look like this:

In the window labeled “Software Files Detected on USB” click on the file that you downloaded from the table above and then click on the “Check File for Updates” button. The machine will fetch any new versions of the software from the file on the USB drive and then populate them into the “Software Version” window. You should see a success message like the one shown below.

Now go to the “Software Version” window and click on the software version that you would like to install and then click “Save.” The Beaglebone will save the new version of the software, then reboot. This process may take several minutes.  

Do not unplug the machine or the USB flash drive while the software is updating!

As soon as the machine indicates that it is not connected in the bottom left hand corner of the screen clear your browsing cache. On a Chrome browser go to Settings > Advanced > Clear Browsing Data. You only have to clear ‘Cached Images and Files.’ This step may be a bit different with other browsers. Then reload the software UI page. Once the machine has rebooted, check that the desired version of the software was installed by going to the Conf > Version tab and checking which version is currently being run.

Section 2: Troubleshooting





“Software Files Detected on USB” window doesn’t show up.

  • Wait up to a minute for the USB drive to be detected.

  • Check to make sure the USB drive is plugged all the way in.

  • Make sure that the version file is in the top most level of the USB drive.

  • If on V4.6.0, revert to older version (i.e. V4.5.3) and then back to V4.6.0 and try again.