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  1. Establish a command line session over SSH.

    • Windows PC: you will need to install an SSH client. We recommend PuTTY.

      • Once PuTTY is installed and launched, we'll just need to input the IP address ( if connecting over USB) to the Host Name field, everything else can be left default.

    • Macs: this can be done with the default MacOS Terminal

      • Open a Terminal window and enter ssh pocketnc@

      • You will be prompted for a password, which is pocketnc

  2. In the terminal, enter the following commands:

    1. Change directory to Pocket NC Settings directory

      Code Block
      cd /home/pocketnc/pocketnc/Settings
    2. Remove untracked edits from the affected file

      Code Block
      git checkout -- features/high_speed_spindle/
    3. Change directory Pocket NC home directory

      Code Block
      cd /home/pocketnc/pocketnc
    4. Run update script to ensure everything is in-sync. Replace “v4.7.4” with the appropriate tag if a different version is desireddesired version.

      Code Block
      ./ v4.7.4